A Spanish brand of handcrafted jewellery whose hallmark is its unique and distinctive design.UNOde50 was founded in the late 1990s by a group of creative artists who resolved to create a fashion jewellery brand that would break all existing moulds. Their key concept was based on designing pieces in their own unique style, and the brand soon became known for its innovative and trendsetting approach. UNOde50 was launched with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating 50 of each design, giving rise to the brand name. Now, thanks to the success we have achieved, production (and with it the Unode50 family) has increased. Although brand name remains unchanged to remind us of how the quality and exclusivity of every piece remain our priority, as they were from the first.Each Unode50 piece has its own voice and is capable ot transmitting strength and energy by itself. All products are handcrafted in Spain.

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