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Discovered less than 200 years ago in Russia's Ural Mountains, Alexandrite was named in honor of Czar Alexander II at his coming of age celebrations in 1834. Considered one of the world's rarest gemstones, the original Russian mines were depleted in the late 1800's The natural Brazilian gemstones used in the Mark Henry alexandrite collection are set in 18kt gold and come with a complimentary independent certificate of Authenticity and a Life time Service Guarantee. Natural Alexandrite is prized for it's natural ability to instantly change color from vibrant blueish green in daylight to an alluring Cabernet red in incandescent light. Classified as the world's first phenomenal gemstone because of it's natural color change, today, gemstone collectors and jewelry enthusiasts agree that natural alexandrite from Brazil rivals the original Russian gemstone in color, saturation and clarity.

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